As part of the SpaceSix ecosystem, our competent developers designed this "Explore-to-Earn" game to provide multiple methods of earning in addition to entertaining and providing you with endless hours of fun.

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We are bringing this project to a level of excellence that a cool feature will be released where players will be able to avail of quality and highly valued NFTs. Please participate in our Presale and be our Pioneer.

Gameplay teaser

Ready to watch our new gameplay teaser? in the upcoming quarter, we will be holding a great event where you can watch our new gameplay teaser and discover the different parts of the game.

Upcoming Events

Enjoy What SpaceSix Has to Offer. We Have a Variety of Events, from Staking NFTs to Airdropping for Every Player in the Universe! Check Out Our Upcoming Events.

Space Six RoadMap

Wondering what we're up to? Our primary focus at the moment is on the presale launch and staking program in the following year, which starts in 2021. In 2023, SpaceSix will undergo significant upgrades. SpaceSix's alpha version is scheduled for release on December 2023, and its beta version is scheduled for launch on March 2023.

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